• 3H® Broad Spectral 5W LED Curing Light 1700mW/cm2 Xlite II

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Item Description

3H® Broad Spectral 5W LED Curing Light 1700mW/cm2 Xlite II

1. The minimum intensity can reach 1700mW/cm2;
2. 385-515nm, to activate any material;
3. The emergency function, even if the empty battery connect to the AC adaptor, it can be used normally;
4. Apply to all kinds of materials.
5. Head design with rotatable, it can rotate with 330 degree;
6. 15mm of the light source head. It's much better operability curing the teeth, no need to open the mouth too much;
7. Designed with optical engineering technology. Combining lens, the unique head design.

Technical Specifications:
1. Power input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz;
2. Powe output:DC5V, 1A;
3. LED power: 5w;
4. Light performance: 1700mW/cm2, ±20%;
5. Power voltage: 3.7Vdc;
6. Battery: Lithium-ion battery 3.7Vdc, 1600mAh;
7. Charging time: Approximately 180min;

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