• COXO® New Surgical Operation 20º Straight Head Handpiece CX235-2S

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Item Description

COXO® New Surgical Operation 20º Straight Head Handpiece CX235-2S

New low-speed surgical operation 20° straight head 1:1 direct drive, with a stable and reliable performance is a necessary equipment for general dental treatment and dentists' daily work.


Technical specifications:

Temperatures: - 40°C-+ 135°C

Relative humidity: 10% to 80%,non-condensing

Noise: ≤70dB

Allowable Max speed: 40000min (rpm)

Burs: Ø2.35mm handpiece bur

Rotary type head: 1:1 direct drive


Mounting the bur of straight head:

When bur needs to insert or remove. Move the bur lock ring to right until a click sound is heard, then open the chuck, insert or remove, after then move the lock ring to left until another click is heard. The chuck will be locked. Under the bur rotate smoothly, untightly if twisted by hand, the straight head can be operated.


Straight hand and motor connections


-Hold the motor tightly, straight hand can insert into the air motor



-Hold the motor tightly and pull the Straight hand forwards





Supply SPRAY after each use and/or before autoclaving.

Push E-type spray nozzle attachment over the SPRAY nozzle until it firmly seats.

Shake the can 3-4 times to well mix lubricant and propellant.


Insert the E-type spray nozzle in the rear of the handpiece and spray for approximately 2-3 seconds until the oil comes out of the handpiece head or nose



Cleaning and Sterilization


Wipe clean the handpiece sheath with alcohol-dipped soft tissue or cotton. Never clean the handpiece in boiling water or in chemicals with wire brushes, or in ultrasonic cleaners.



Steam autoclave is recommended.

Autoclave sterilization required after each patient as noted below



  Clean the handpiece sheath then wipe it with alcohol-dipped soft tissue or cotton




  Lubricate the handpiece with SPRAY

  Place handpiece into autoclaving pouch and seal it in accordance with instructions on the pouch


    Autoclavable up to a max. 135°C(275).


ex.) Autoclave for 20 min. at 121°C(250), or15 min. At 132°C(270)





















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Brand Description
COXO supplies intelligent control system, dental cold light, dental plastic, hardware, tubing and ceramic accessories to hundred factories on the world. It represents the latest DEEPBLUE series medical products to the customers.
COXO always cares about the stability and the safety of the medical instrument, the core components are supplied by famous international manufacturers. In recent years, COXO has got the customers’ respect and the reputation by right of credit and quality, and has expanded the business to all over the world.
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