• COXO® Root Canal Endodontic Treatment Instrument C-Smart-I+

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Item Description


1. Original Switzerland electro-moto

2. Color wide LCD screen

3. Drive-1:1 contra angle is available

4. Rotation speed and torque can be programmed to 9 settings

5. Auto torque reverse

6. Dual-frequency apex locator

7. 4 working modes

8. Auto apical reverse

9. Auto apical slow down

10. Auto start and stop

11. High capacity Li-ion chargeable battery

12. Auto power off and memory function

13. Both apex locate and endo at the same time


Technical Specifications:

1. Power adaptor:

Input:  AC100-240V, 50/60HZ

Output: DC10V/1.5A

2. Battery voltage: DC 7.4V,  Capacity: 1000mAh

3. Rotation speed: 125 to 625 rpm

4. Torque: 0.3-5.2N.cm (3-52mN.m)

5. Temperatures Operating: +10°-- +40

6. Storage temperature: -10°-- +55

7. Humidity Operating: 30--75%RH



1. Volume (cm): 24x21x9.5

2. Weight (kg): 1.8/pcs

3. Packing material: carton

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Brand Description
COXO supplies intelligent control system, dental cold light, dental plastic, hardware, tubing and ceramic accessories to hundred factories on the world. It represents the latest DEEPBLUE series medical products to the customers.
COXO always cares about the stability and the safety of the medical instrument, the core components are supplied by famous international manufacturers. In recent years, COXO has got the customers’ respect and the reputation by right of credit and quality, and has expanded the business to all over the world.
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