• Dental Broad Spectral LED Curing Light High Light Output 2000mW/cm2

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Item Description

Dentist Curing Light High Light Output 2200mW


1.Fast Curing
3.High Power
4.Built-in Radiometer
5.Temperature Protecting
6.Bleaching Program.

Technical Specifications
Power supply : 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, power output: DC5V,150A
Size (WxLxH in mm) : 228 x 146 x 146
Weight : 0.92 kg

Handpiece Specification
Light source : Super 7W LED
Wavelength : 430–480 nm with peak at 460 nm
Light Intensity : Ø 8 mm light guide, transparent > 2,000 mW/cm², Built-in wireliess transmission light meter, to show real-time light intensity;
Fibreglass light guide : Ø 8 mm, transparent, can be sterilised at 135° C
Ø 8 mm, black, can be sterilised at 135° C
Size (WxLxH in mm) : 228 x 146 x 146 (Standard equipped with 10MM cutty light guide rod)
Power supply : Lithium-ion battery

Battery Specefication
Power supply : 3000mAh, high- performance lithium battery
Type : Lithium-ion battery (no memory effect)
Capacity (cure time) : Approximately 45 minutes
Charging time : Approximately 2 hours
Radiometer : Built in base

Package includes
1.Hand piece incorporating the light emitting diode
2.Hand piece holder with built-in radiometer
3.Universal diameter 8mm black light guide which can be sterilized
4.Lithium-ion battery
5.An autoclavable anti-dazzle silica gen antiglare cap
6.Protective light shield
7.AC 100-240V power adapter
8.Operation instructions.

One year warranty

2200MW Curing Light


5 Curing modes for preference, applicable to a wide range of clinical cases




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  • jennywong889 21/11/2014
    Works as described. Light is very strong. I only had to skim the directions. light is intense and will cure all composites.

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