• New Type YS-DT-A Pulp Tester

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Item Description

New Type YS-DT-A Pulp Tester

This product is a new type pulp tester used to test pulp. It owns compact size and digital display, which allows dentist an intuitive visual of patients’ pulp. And the metal tips can be sterilized in 135°C for hygienic and cleaning. Moreover, it is very small and very convenient to carry and really a good choice for dentists or hygienists.


1. Simply place the pulp tester autoclavable tip on the suspect tooth and press the "test" button.
2. A gentle, pulsed stimulus begins to increase at a rate you've pre-selected (slow - medium - fast). Because there are no sudden jumps in power (as when you twist a knob), the patient feels the stimulus long before it crosses the "pain" threshold.
3. Large LEDs indicate the strength of the stimulus. If the patient indicates perception, you simply release the button.
4. The stimulus stops immediately, but the numbers remain frozen on the face for about 5 seconds. Then the device turns itself off (No wasted batteries.)



Output DC 9.0V VOLTAGE RANGE DC 6.0-10.0V
SIZE 235*80*50mm NET WEIGHT 0.5kg

Packing List:

1. Main unit x 1
2. Battery x 1
3. Lip ground wire x 1
4. Hook x 5
5. Tooth proves x 2
6. Operation manual


New Type YS-DT-A Pulp Tester


New Type YS-DT-A Pulp Tester


New Type YS-DT-A Pulp Tester


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