• YS® New Handheld Teeth Whitening Unit YS-TW-A(1)

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Item Description

YS® New Handheld Teeth Whitening Unit YS-TW-A(1)

YS-TW-A(1) teeth whitening unit is a new type whitening technology, based on the condition of strong blue LED light and whitening kit accelerant.



1. Activate the most HOin short order on low or normal temperature.

2. Produce mass oxygen atomy permeate teeth and decompose color molecule, to meet the effect of teeth whitening.

3. Provides an effective method for stimulation of the regenerative process in the tissue with expressed anti-inflammatory and an analgetic effect.

4. Red LED light with wavelength 650nm accelerates the regeneration of the conjunctive, osseous, nerve and epithelial tissues during pathological processes.

5. The effect is related to activation of vascularity and metabolism, with intensive synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids in the zone of treatment.

Technical specifications:

Power supply: AV110~220V, 50~60HZ

LED Power: 30W

Light Size: 18 x 74mm²

Power Density: >60MJ/CM2

Light timing: 1~20mins

Blue LED: 3W, 6pcs, 450~465nm

Red LED: 3W, 4pcs, 640~660nm

Working Method: time output & continuous working

Packing Size: 300 x 100 x 100mm


Packing list:

Main Unit---1pc

Silicagel Muzzle---1pc

Power Adaptor DC12V2A---1pc

Operation manual---1pc











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  • jamesjc 21/05/2013
    The product works as stated and the price is affordable.

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