• Vrn® Ultrasonic Scaler K08A with plastic shell handpiece

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Item Description

Vrn® Ultrasonic Scaler K08A with plastic shell handpiece

This product adopts new generational intelligent vibration technology, frequency seeking is more accurate, and scaling is more vigorous and gentle. Dentist has an efficient scaling operation and patient feels more comfortable. Moreover, the circuit is using military level MOS power valve, which makes it much more reliable, safer, healthier and convenient for connection.


1. The handpiece is cast from titanium alloy to ensure mechanic function and durability, hard to break; the life-span is longer than others.
2. Detachable handpiece, can be autoclaved under the high temperature of 135 and pressure of 0.2 MPa avoiding cross-infection effectively.
3. Assembled with excellent piezo-caramic. The handpiece has high and long lasting power and generates little heat.
4. The VRN ultrasonic scaling tips can fit EMS scaler.
5. PC control, automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency.
6. Five scaling tips attached.



Adapter Input AC 100~240V, 47~63Hz, 1.35A Device Input DC 30V
Input Power 30~48VA Primary tip vibration excursion ≤100μm
Primary tip vibration frequency 28~31KHz Half vibration excursion <2N
Output Power 3W~20W Electric Fuse 1.5A
Dimensions 80 x 170 x 170 mm Weight 3kg

Packing List:

1. Vrn® Dental Ultrasonic Scaler K08A X 1
2. Scaler Tip X 5
3. Foot Switch X 1
4. Tip Wrench X 1
5. Operation manual X 1
6. Thoracoport X 1
7. Box X 1


Vrn® Ultrasonic Scaler K08A with plastic shell handpiece


Vrn® Ultrasonic Scaler K08A with plastic shell handpiece

Vrn® Ultrasonic Scaler K08A with plastic shell handpiece


Vrn® Ultrasonic Scaler K08A with plastic shell handpiece



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Brand Description
Vrn is specialized in manufacturing and providing dental ultrasonic scalers and high speed turbine dental handpiece. They commit to meet clients’ demand, provide high quality products, perfect solutions and personalized service.
In the growing process, Vrn actively introduce advanced technology in this industry. Through a series of changes and innovation, they gradually connect with the whole world, build efficient operation system and keep balanced development of company size, operating benefit and capacity construction. Clients-oriented, sincere service, seek for greater perfection and pursuit of being outstanding are their eternal operating philosophy.
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