• ZoneRay® HL-WD II Spot Dental Spot Welder

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Item Description

ZoneRay® HL-WD II Spot Dental Spot Welder


1. Function of Spot welding, braze welding and heat treatment.
2. This HL-WD II dental spot welder is used for orthodontic materials, apply to the material of 0.2mm~1.8mm.
3. Adopt microprocessor control system, reliable quality, and high control precision.
4. Adopt digital display functional mode and power parameter, through membrane button to adjust the parameter, it’s convenient and concise.
5. Good in safety feature; it has overheating protection system, there’s indicator and alarm function with sub-pressure, overpressure and improper operation.
6. With the welding parameters memory function, when switch on, it will automatically shows the same parameters as the last set, so it’s no need to adjust parameter again next time at the same condition.
7. Welding electrodes can be chosen with different combination, it’s suitable for the different weldment.
8. The machine has various functions as spot welding, braze welding and heat treatment.

Optional attributes:

Voltage: 220V
Voltage: 110V

Technical specifications:


Power Supply 220V, 50Hz or
110V, 60Hz
Power Maximum Current 20A
Transformer output power 2000W Transformer overheating protection 85℃
Security type Class I, type B Output voltage 5V
Dimension of weldment Diameter 0.2~1.8mm stainless steel wire Energy regulation

Spot welding (dxx) 1~30

Braze welding (q_x) 1~9

Heat treatment (h_x) 1~9

Fuse Ф5×20mm, 20A
Dimension 355 * 255 * 195 mm Operation alarm Overheating

Packing list:

1. Main unit x 1
2. Copper tape x 1
3. Foot switch x 1
4. Adapter x 1
5. Operation manual x 1


HL-WD II Spot Dental Spot Welder

HL-WD II Spot Dental Spot Welder

HL-WD II Spot Dental Spot Welder


HL-WD II Spot Dental Spot Welder


HL-WD II Spot Dental Spot Welder


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Brand Description
ZoneRay Dentistry starts from 1993 as an enterprise combined with mafanucturer and trade, products like Curing Light, Amalgamator, Spot Weler, Alginate Mixer etc. All products have gained CE & TOV ISO 13485 Certificate.
ZoneRay have high-tech team, experienced management and professional salesperson, providing best quality products with best service to customers. Company Profile: Technology, Quality, Improvment and Service.
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