Chewing Gums and Oral Health

Most of us are conscious about how our teeth look and how bright is our smile. Some people aren’t fond of gum because of the occasional unpleasant presence of chewed gum under desks, under chairs, and on pavements.

Most people don't realize that the very act of chewing is part of the digestive process. That is why your parents told you to chew your food. They don't allow you a long enough time to chew them. Chewing your food actually stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes in your pancrease and acid in your stomach to help you digest.

It is very difficult to have a germ free mouth. However this could be achieved by brushing, washing etc., Chewing gums makes this process very simple by eradicating germs while chewing. When you chew gum you are needlessly causing the stimulation of these digestive processes. If there is no food to digest you can actually cause problems. Additionally,the simple act of chewing gum increases the release of mercury from anysilver amalgamfillings you may have.

Scientists believe that gum can cause tooth problems when consumed regularly. Gum can provide people some health benefits too. The habit of chewing gums is said to help people improve their memory, reduce stress, encourage focus and alertness, and improve oral health. There are several types of chewing gum designed for health purposes. Several dentists recommend specific types of gum depending on their patients’ needs.

Also chewing gums helps in the removal of food items in the tooth. Many a times when food is taken, small particles gets stuck in the tooth. On long term this could have a serious impact on the teeth and lead to decay. By chewing these gums, one can remove these small particles without much strain.

Dental chewing gums do not have a great level of impact other than cleaning up the mouth. Chewing gum is indeed a good habit if you want to improve your oral health.

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