Things You May Not Know of Amalgam Fillings

Many patients now want to improve the appearance of their teeth by having their amalgam fillings replaced. Amalgam is used for the treatment of tooth decay. It consists of a mixture of metals, composed of liquid mercury and powdered amalgam alloy, made up mainly of silver, tin and copper.

Used to treat tooth decay, dental amalgam is a mixture of metals, composed of liquid mercury and a powdered amalgam alloy, composed primarily of silver, tin, and copper. It is important for any patient who would like to have this done to know that there is always some risk when an existing filling is removed because it may necessitate more complex procedures for the tooth.

Dental amalgam contains a combination of metals, including mercury bound to silver, copper, and tine. It has been used for dental fillings for over 100 years. The controversy arises because over half of amalgam is composed of mercury. It also contains traces of Indium or Palladium and Zinc: And although non-conclusive dental equipment like Mercury toxicity has been linked to fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, heart conditions, infertility and even Alzheimer's disease. Hence more and more people are asking Cosmetic Dentists to replace their existing Amalgam Fillings.

More and more people are opting to replace existing Amalgam Fillings because they not only look great but there are no ‘health issues’ surrounding their use to date. They are also a durable and affordable choice for most even if they are not as durable or affordable as Amalgam and dental curing light. Amalgam tends to discolor the teeth, making them darker, particularly when it is necessary to use larger quantities. Patients should therefore be informed of the possible discoloration of their teeth that can occur, particularly when the filling is located in the more readily visible parts of the mouth.

Another drawback of using amalgam for fillings is that more of the natural tooth needs to be drilled and removed by your one of your Seattle dentists than is required when using the newer composite resin (tooth colored) materials like dental air polisher. Recent studies have suggested that amalgam fillings may possibly be a factor in the disease oral lichen planus. This disease usually affects the gums, tongue, and inside of the cheeks, and generally emerges as patches of fine white lines & dots.


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