UK “Ahead of the Game” in Green Dentistry

A US eco-dentistry expert has applauded the efforts of dentists here in the UK for spearheading 'green' practices in the surgery.

Unlike the US, which has yet to pass a federal amalgam separator regulation, the UK began requiring these low-cost machines back in the mid 1990s. The separators are an essential piece of environmental stewardship because without them, local waste water treatment facilities are not able to capture the elemental mercury such as dental handpiece before it enters the water supply.

As the world celebrated Earth Day on 22 April, Ina Pockrass, co-founder of the US Eco Dentistry Association, said: 'The UK is ahead of the curve on capturing mercury-containing dental materials before they enter the water supply.

Replace disposable office products with re-usables, like washable 'rinse and swish' cups.

Buy prophy paste in bulk

Request that your dental supply company ship as many items as possible in one box.

Give old waiting room magazines new life by dropping them off at a nearby retirement home

Recycle spent printer cartridges instead of throwing them in the landfill

Email patients their 'walk-out' statements instead of printing them. Bonus: you'll collect lots of email addresses.


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