The New Challenge in Dentistry

An exceptional attendance with 480 participants from 17 different countries and different specialties met in Dubai to discuss the challenges in computerized dentistry.

The two day conference was chaired by Dr. Munir Silwadi, scientific coordinator of the conference and Dr. Dina Debaybo, from Boston University. The plenary presentations with their internationally renowned speakers from Germany, France, Lebanon, UK, Egypt and KSA presented the latest dental equipment in the field. During the Conference a wide range of topics along the Computerized Dentistry were covered e.g. the tooth preparation for CAD/CAM technology; from post and core to the final restoration; proper cementation to proper objectives; computerized implantology and orthodontics.

Dentists and Dental technicians from both Government and private sectors enjoyed the high level of the scientific program. Guests from Moscow and Belgrade Universities attended to the Poster presentations presenting CAD/CAM opportunities in different treatments. This year new challenge comes to the conference program: Two hours Open Discussion Forum Zirconia the Truth. International experts in this sector were on the stage and took the opportunity to present their point of view concerning the topic - Zirconias are dental air polisher NOT all the Same! The panel members - researchers, experienced clinicians, the top industrial players in dentistry, academicians from Sharjah, Ajman, Boston, Moscow and Belgrade University provide to the audience a substantial amount of information focused on the topic. gave opportunities for all attendees to discuss about the topic and share their experience and ideas. The product display place taking place during the Conference days was designed to showcase the sponsor?s CAD/CAM machines, technologies, materials and techniques. Every morning BREAKFACT WITH THE SPONSORS? was an excellent networking for all attendance before the very busy scientific program. This exclusive access gave a chance to the sponsors to shares experiences with colleagues, made new contacts and dental curing light strengthened existing relationships.

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