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Dental technology has witnessed tremendous advancements in the last decade, especially in effective and pain free dental care. New advancements in dental technology in the last decade have changed the way in which dentists can administer efficient and pain free dental care.

CEREC Restoration, or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, is an innovative dental equipment which facilitates dentists to effectively restore damaged and decayed teeth. CEREC restoration is metal-free, which means no more unsightly silver fillings; and the high-grade dental equipment ceramic material is compatible with the oral tissue found in your mouth. CEREC's precision 3-D technology allows dentists to create a customized crown that perfectly fits your teeth and is completely biocompatible with your own teeth structure.

Drill-less Dentistry with Air Abrasion is, in fact, a comparatively less painful option that uses powerful particles of aluminum oxide to selectively remove decayed teeth. This procedure significantly reduces heat and vibration in dental drilling, which causes great pain and discomfort. The dental drill of the invention is characterized by a number of considerable advantages. Due to the fact that the two main cutting edges are arranged at the front area of the cutting portion, the drilling performance of the dental drill in the axial direction dental air polisher is excellent. Since the two main cutting edges are advantageously configured such that they converge and meet at the central axis of the dental drill, the drill cuts across the whole area of the main cutting edge.

Gentle and precise lasers are transforming the way dentists can perform a variety of dental procedures, ultimately allowing dentists to treat diseased oral tissue without damaging surrounding, healthy tissue. One of the unique advantages of laser dentistry is that it considerably reduces bleeding, swelling and discomfort, while eliminating the need for an anesthetic. Today, lasers are being used to treat gum disease and for lengthening crowns to treat cold sores and controlling orthodontic tissue. Laser treatment is dental burs used for both hard and soft tissue. For soft tissue treatment, Diode lasers can be used to non-surgically treat gum disease and remove plaque, selectively removing the infected tissues and promoting healing.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, express your concerns to your dentist. They can be used for non-surgical treatment of gum disease, removal of plaque and infected tissues and helps in healing.


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