The Rights of Dental Patients

Understanding how certain rights apply to dentistry and dental should be a priority for every dental patient.

Your Right To Privacy
Perhaps your most important right as a dental patient, privacy and how your information is used and shared in the dental office dental lab (dental lab equipment) is often misunderstood.
How is your personal health information protected under privacy laws? What information can my dentist share? Understanding your right to privacy in the dental office is an invaluable tool that every dental patient needs to clearly understand.
Your Right to Choose Your Provider
As a dental patient, you have the right to choose your provider, not the dental equipment. With that being said, you should be aware that certain dental insurance plans may restrict this right--because many plans only work with dentists that are approved under the plan's terms and conditions.
It is your right as a patient to feel comfortable with the dentist, and his staff. Finding a dentist that is right for you can be made easier when you follow a fool-proof guideline, designed specifically for you to utilize when seeking a dentist.
Your Right to Your Dental Records
It's siting right beside you, and the dentist has left the room. If you are tempted to look in your dental records, will you get into trouble if you're caught? Do you have the right to review and request a copy of your dental records?
Information contained in your dental record is in fact, available for you to view. The HIPAA Privacy Rule clearly defines how you, yourself, can use your information. More specifically, you may:
Request to view your personal dental records and if you want, you may request a copy of your information for your own records.
You may also request to have corrections made to your dental records.
If you want to know exactly how your information is being used, you may request a notice that explains how your information is used and shared.
You may decide whether or not your health information is shared with marketing agencies.
You may request a report explaining when and why your information was shared for a specific 

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