CEREC Dentistry - Best Way For Dental Restoration

The cavity preparation is first photographed and stored as a three dimensional digital model and proprietary software is then used to approximate the restoration shape using biogeneric comparisons to surrounding teeth. The practitioner then refines that model using 3D CAD software. When the design phase is complete, the information is sent wirelessly to the milling unit which mills the actual restoration from a solid block of material using diamond dental burs. The restoration is bonded to the tooth using a resin cement which bonds to both the restoration as well as the tooth itself.

How is CEREC done?
The treatment begins with the dentist taking a photo of your teeth and jaw line. Then the dentist prepares the tooth for replacement. The replacement could involve the entire or partial removal of the tooth. CEREC is generally used in partial teeth removals as a crown for broken and chipped teeth, or as a tooth filling to treat cavities or as a veneer for improving your smile.
Once the dentist has done the preliminary needful, a 3-D model of your tooth is created using CAD/CAM computer graphics technology. After the dentist gets the design right, the 3-D model is sent to a milling unit operated by CEREC software program. The milling unit chisels a ceramic block using diamond-head cutters according to the 3-D design of your tooth.
What are the advantages of CEREC?
The best part is that CEREC treatment can be done in a single visit in as little as half an hour unlike conventional dental restoration which requires multiple visits plus a temporary filling. With CEREC dentistry you get freedom from uncomfortable drilling while saving your time from lengthy and frequent visits to the dentist. The procedure does not weaken your tooth root and surrounding tissues as the CEREC restoration is chemically affixed to your tooth and gums by way of a resin.
Aesthetically pleasing and highly durable
What's more the ceramic block is chosen to match your teeth color! The replaced tooth blends well with natural teeth and is a highly recommended option for smile makeovers. Some dentists also polish or glaze the finished tooth to make it indiscernible when you smile or talk or eat; a much better option than metal fillings which look quite conspicuous when you open your mouth.
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