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One of the most common objections we deal with in our dental practices is the patient who says "I only want to come in every 6 months, because that is all my dental insurance covers." Patients typically voice this concern at the front desk or over the phone as they are cancelling their 3 month continuing care appointment.

At this point most front desk team members freeze and proceed to reschedule the patient's appointment to a time when it will be covered by their dental insurance. Normally little thought is given to how to overturn the patient's concern and help them maintain their oral health with dental handpiece.
First of all, when a patient states that they only want what is covered by their insurance, this is a classic indication that they do not understand the importance of the recommended treatment and how it will benefit them. All they know is their teeth "feel fine" and they have to reach in their pocket to pay for something they don't see the need for in the first place. They use their dental insurance as a smoke screen, because they truly don't see a reason to pay for something their insurance company doesn't cover.
Most of the full dental insurance will not afford you to pay for the major and specialized treatments, which may include root canal endodontic works, dentures, surgery and other major expensive dental care treatments. So make sure to select the best full coverage dental insurance plans to cover some of the most expensive treatments and save money. Generally most of the dental insurance provider will cover some of the major treatments which are not a rare case. The same case prevails in the treatment of cosmetic surgery. Most of the dental insurance plans will not cover the entire cosmetic surgery treatments, but you can avail some discounts on them.
So if you have the full coverage dental supplies insurance plan make sure to read the policy and understand the type of treatments covered under the policy. If you are not taking the insurance policy for your family, then go with the individual full coverage dental insurance which will helps you to save lot of money on dental treatments.
Get the best full coverage dental insurance plan which covers most of your dental treatments from the leading insurance provider. Prevention is always better than cure, so take care of your tooth and avoid spending money unnecessarily.
Dental insurance must not be allowed to dictate care, and when we as dental professionals stop buying into the oldest stall technique in the book "I only want what my insurance covers" the outcome will be much better for everyone concerned.

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