Dental Insurance for Employees

For many companies, they think that group dental courage is often too expensive to offer. According to a study in the Journal of the American Dental Association, only 35% of companies offer group dental courage, and out of all of the companies who provide health insurance, only 63% of them offer dental insurance for groups. 


Dental benefits are important to both employers and employees. Studies show that employees value group dental lab equipment plans over life and disability insurance.Group dental dental supplies plans are one of the most popular features in a company’s compensation package, second only to health insurance and retirement.


For a business owner, a dental plan could be a better alternative than dental insurance. Why? Not only is this kind of plan more affordable, it is much simpler, for you and for your employees. All you have to do is join the Group Dental Plan of your choice. Your discount dental plan will be easy to administer and it will have a simple billing cycle process. Your employees can choose low monthly rates for either individual or family plans—with flexible group payment options.


Your employees will receive membership cards—which they can use immediately at any dental office that accepts your plan. They will receive discounts on most dental procedures, either at a fixed fee or a percentage off of the usual and customary fee for the rare fee that is not listed. Most dental procedures and treatments are included in the plan, everything from routine exams and fillings to root canal endodontic and crowns. Even cosmetic procedures—such as veneers and teeth whitening are eligible for discounts. And there is no limit to the number of times your employees can visit the dentist—or to the number of services they may have.


When employees are given the freedom to make their own dental care decisions, business owners and HR Managers are left with little to manage, thus saving company time and money. Businesses are relieved from the burden of having to select a group dental insurance plan that may or may not fit the individual needs of each employee. 

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