Dental Health is a sign of Body Health

Today many practitioners in the fields of dentistry and medicine treat the condition of the oral cavity as a separate entity with no connection to the body.  How can your mouth have such a profound effect on your body health?  Because it is intimately connected to all your body systems.  I will clarify how the oral cavity affects your entire body.
Stomatological is one of the most common human diseases, the World Health Organization to human health, dental health as one of the top ten criteria, as only the dental handpiece caries. Secondary to cardiovascular disease, cancer prevention should focus on after the third-largest non-communicable diseases. In China, according to the regional survey, dental caries, periodontal disease. And oral mucosal disease, tongue disorder, the prevalence of oral cancer are high.
Biologic dentistry uses several tests (blood tests or testing a person's nervous system) to determine which restorations are healthy and which are not.  Unhealthy restorations that are in the mouth 24/7 are health challenges waiting to happen.  It is critical to avoid toxic restorations and attempt to avoid restorations that have materials that could contribute to an immune system challenge or potential health problem.  Fluoride, commonly thought of as a substance that saves many mouths from endless decay is toxic and presents many health challenges to several organs and tissues including the brain and the thyroid.  The beneficial effects of fluoride are negligible.
Tooth alignment plays a large role in the overall health of our body.  The way the teeth come together- known as the bite or occlusion- is critical.  A great amount of the nervous system is involved in keeping the lower half of the face and the jaws in balance.  If all the teeth do not contact simultaneously or if tooth contact throws off the alignment of the skull (which it can easily do) that misalignment will adversely affect a person's overall health.  Tooth, jaw or skull misalignment may also be the genesis of several pain issues. Improve the quality of life, healthy life, promoting human development play an important role. And maintaining oral health, prevention of dental caries and periodontal disease.
Currently, the world's oral scientific experts from a large number of scientific research and social practice and experience, summed up the evidence, oral health is a human body
health and quality of life an important part, is to extend people's healthy life an important and indispensable pillar. Will be to promote oral health overall health.
Kind of oral diseases and development depends largely on the personal understanding of the value of oral health and oral health awareness and self-importance level. The finishing touch of biologic dentistry is the appearance of a person's smile.  When a person feels good about their smile, they feel better about themselves and their immune system will actually become stronger. is full of various kinds of dental supplies and dental burs.

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