Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Implant it?

 A dental implant is an artificial tooth root replacement and is generally made of Titanium or Titanium alloy. In the last fifteen years, the knowledge about implants,and the frequency with which they are recommended have increased greatly. Below you will find some basic information about implants. The great success rate of implants (over 90%) is due to a biological process called biointegration, through which bone adheres to the surface of the implant. The implant is ussually made of a biocompatible metal called titanium. Once the implant adheres to the bone, is can serve the function of an artificial root, and help hold one tooth, several teeth (with several implants) or a loose denture.

There are a lot of people do implant, but due to implant the high technical standards for doctors, so the price is relatively expensive dental implant number. So what are the pros and cons of dental implant? What are the advantages and disadvantages of implant it? The following advantages and disadvantages for the implant.
First, the advantages and disadvantages of implants, we first look at the advantages of dental implant: implant does not damage the adjacent teeth, adjacent teeth together to avoid an excessive burden; implant will not have a lasting impact on the alveolar bone; planting dental alveolar bone support, retention and stability, the basic function to restore the original natural teeth; dental implant cosmetic results, the front teeth were missing for dental supplies treatment, you can achieve the desired cosmetic effect, these are the advantages and disadvantages of growing dental implant dental benefits. 
In addition, dental implant restoration for a long time, as long as there is good bone, can be long-term use, this is the advantages of dental implant. Implants can also be reconstructive dental deformities Ministry of large tissue defects, missing teeth can also be difficult to repair distal to solve the problem. These are the advantages and disadvantages of  dental burs implant advantages. 
The available research shows that they last many years. The longevity of the implant may be affected by factors like the level of oral hygiene in the mouth, regular maintenance by the dentist, the functional forces that it is subjected to during eating, clenching or grinding habits, etc… Implants cannot get cavities, but the bacteria in the mouth can adhere to them just like natural teeth, and if not cleaned, can promote the loss of the bone that supports it and lead to the eventual loss of the implant. As with any biological procedure, there is no guarantee.
The majority of patients report that the discomfort after the surgery is no more severe than after an extraction. It seems logical that the more complicated the implant surgery is, the more likely to cause some discomfort. When discomfort is anticipated, a prescription for analgesic medication is able to handle it nicely. Understand the advantages of dental handpiece implant, the implant must look at the advantages and disadvantages of the implant shortcomings: the treatment cycle is long, it normally takes three months of the maxillary teeth, mandibular teeth for six months, while treatment costs than the average of your denture.

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