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Xylitol is not a drug. It is a natural sweetener which is found in fibers of many vegetables and fruits such as husks from corn, mushrooms, many types of berries, oats, plums, birch, corn, raspberries. Xylitol’s taste will exactly look like sugar as it is 100% natural product. It will be equal to the sweetness of sucrose but xylitol only contains two by three of the food energy level that sucrose have. It is considered as the most safe sugar free sweetener. Compared to other sugar alcohols the threshold of laxation is lower in xylitol.


The greatest benefit of using xylitol as a sweetener, and the reason I am writing this is related to the teeth. Certain types of bacteria that normally live in the mouth, break down the sugars in what we eat and drink. They produce acid that decalcifies or softens the enamel on teeth. The decalcified area allows the bacteria to get inside the tooth and creates a cavity. Studies show that Xylitol inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause cavities. These bacteria (Streptococcus mutans) cannot utilize Xylitol to stick to the surfaces of the teeth and create cavities.


Another beneficial effect of Xylitol is in the reduction and control of candida yeast infections in the mouth. Xylitol shows dental supplies benefits in significant amount from the researches. It highly reduces the tooth decay, because from the chemical point of view, xylitol is having 5 carbon atoms only in its molecules which leaves the bacteria and yeast wont be able to use xylitol, other sugar alcohols such as sucralose which contains 6 carbon atoms. It highly fights against the dental cavities.



As said earlier, xylitol is basically a sugar alcohol, and hence there are two major and common side effects of xylitol are Diarrhea and Gastric(Intestinal gas and problems.  Xylitol is mainly taken for oral health, if the alcohol is not digested properly it may lead to the above side effects. 1. Rashes in skin  2 .Itching  3. Difficulty in breathing  4. Swelling in throat or mouth  5. Wheezing


If you are experiencing any of the above side effects then consult to your doctor as soon as possible. Xylitol must be taken with certain limit per day such as 4 to 12 grams per day. Xylitol is commonly free from side effects but the small amount of xylitol added in the candies and chewing gums will not be producing any form xylitol side effects explained above.


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