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A Dental Spa is a dental facility supervised by a licensed dentist in which dental services are provided alongside spa treatments.
In 2003, Lynn Watanabe, DDS of the Dental Spa in Pacific Palisades, California and the Day Spa Association defined a dental spa as "a facility whose dental program is run under the strict supervision of a licensed dentist. Services are provided that integrate both traditional and non-traditional dental and spa treatments (such as massage therapy, skincare and body treatments)."
"Spa dentistry" refers to dental practices that offer many services not normally associated with dental care: facials, paraffin wax hand treatment, reflexology, micro-dermabrasion, massage therapy, Botox and Restylane treatment, and many other pampering, therapeutic and rejuvenating offerings. (Note: The administration of botox and restylane is based on each respective state's dental board approval. Check with appropriate state dental boards regarding the regulation of this type of practice.)
The American Dental Association notes that the consumer media have coined the term “dental spa,” but many practices offer services and amenities specifically designed to relax patients without considering themselves a “spa.” The loose definition of “dental spas” makes it difficult if not impossible to know how many dental spas exist in the United States. See "Variations of the Dental Spa Concept" section below.
Visiting a dentist is often viewed as an unpleasant experience. Ask any member of the public for their perception of dentists and they'll often bring up such unsavoury characters as that of Steve Martin's brilliantly sadistic character in Little Shop of Horrors, or Sir Laurence Olivier's ("is it safe?") in Marathon Man.
This unwarranted depiction should now be a thing of the past, through the exciting development of London dental spas, such as Covent Garden Dental Spa, which provide a luxurious and tranquil environment, excellent facilities and relaxation you would normally expect to find only in the best health spas. This central London dentist is dedicated to offering first class service, and so every appointment comprises a 15-minute session in its own massage and relaxation room, which is guaranteed to take away all the stresses and strains of a modern lifestyle.
The Covent Garden Dental Spa practice also offers tooth whitening, hygiene treatments and even non-surgical aesthetic facial treatments, such as facial rejuvenation and Botox. The London dentist has a spa-like environment, which means you leave feeling utterly pampered, which is an experience unlike any other central London dentists out there.
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