Air Polisher

The benefits of air polishing for adult patients are well-known. Biofilm removal, cleaning around implants, and easy erasure of even the most difficult tobacco stain are all reasons to appreciate air polishing. But don't forget they can also be a good adjunct for pediatric oral health care.

The market today includes many choices with many options. The venerable Cavitron Prophy-Jet can be used with either sodium or non-sodium powder. It also has two modes available - polishing and rinsing. In addition, the Cavitron Jet Plus features a 330-degree swivel and fingertip lavage control for its Jet-Mate handpiece.

Air polishers have come a long way since then. Back then, air polishers were messy and unpleasant, and there was only one way to use them - full power, full blast. They clogged easily, and the powder was a salty sodium bicarbonate that many adults disliked and many children hated. Back then, I didn't know enough to shield the patient and myself from overspray.


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