What Is Food Poisoning And How to Avoid It

Sometimes, depending on the kind and degree of food poisoning, it might even turn out to be fatal for the patient. Hence it is of great importance that you take steps in order to avoid food poisoning.


It's estimated there are more than nine million cases of gastroenteritis each year in England. For an increasing number of people, it's due to food poisoning, something that's preventable.


That sounds like a case of food poisoning. No one put poison in your food, but bacteria probably grew in the food in the fridge and those bacteria made you sick. Food poisoning can be mild and last just a short time or can be more serious. Let's find out how to avoid it


Here are some tips for avoding food poisoning:


Do not ever leave meats, eggs, poultry, milk or seafood for long time periods, at room temperature. Always refrigerate the leftovers and the food that has already been prepared in advance.


Check the use-by dates on products, keep meat and poultry products in separate bags and do not let the raw flesh touch any other food products as you shop or bring them home.


Keep these boards separate to avoid any possibility of cross-contamination of bacteria from meat to other food products. If you cannot keep separate chopping boards, make sure to disinfect a multi-purpose chopping board thoroughly after each use (see bleach recipe in "Tips").


The type of storage is dependent on the type of food. Dry foods such as pasta, rice, lentils, beans, canned foods and cereals can all be kept in a cool, dry place such as a pantry or cupboards. Other foods can be trickier and care should be taken to store them in the appropriate manner


Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water and dry them before handling food and after handling raw meat, going to the toilet, blowing your nose or touching animals (including pets).


It's especially important to keep raw meat away from ready-to-eat foods such as salad, fruit and bread. This is because these foods won't be cooked before you eat them, so any bacteria that gets on to the foods won't be killed.


Food-related infections can also be caused by parasites, but such infections are more likely to be encountered abroad in areas where food-handling practices are less stringent than in the United States.


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