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People are willing to pay any amount granted the value is there. It is not their job to prove your value assessment right but your job to show their investment is worth the value you offer. This starts with you. Going back to how much you value yourself, your time and your skill set is key. If you don’t truly believe you are worth $25/hr then you wont make $25/hr. You will continually find yourself in low paying jobs constantly grinding away to make ends meet.


Think about a solution to a problem rather than complaining about it. Try to spend just 20% of your time devoted to a problem on dwelling and complaining about it and use 80% of the time to finding a solution. Many people do the complete opposite.


Communicate clearly - Avoid miscommunications. Be clear on what tasks your boss wants you to do, and in what order. If you´re the boss, communicate clearly what you want to have done. It might be useful to have the people in your team repeat back what´s been said. That way everyone is sure that they have the same interpretation of what is to be done before you get started. Then, while working, get continual feedback so you can readjust your plans if necessary and nip potential problems in the bud.


Persons in general obtain on impulse and not on logic. So, assure that your marketing messages are geared toward targeting their emotional hot buttons. Learn how to make them really feel excited, scared, or extremely worried so you are able to get the type of response that you simply have to have from them.


Your true value is what you think you are worth. You might lie to yourself and say, “I don’t know as much about SEO as So-and-So”. That doesn’t matter. If you think you are worth $10/hr, you are going to make $10/hr. We all know people who make a lot of money doing something they have no right doing because they are a complete, incompetent a-hole. But that doesn’t stop them now, does it?


There is one caveat to this asking for more business. You have to believe it is possible to reach what you are asking. Asking for a million dollars is nice but if you don’t truly believe that having a million dollars is possible you’ll have a very hard time reaching that goal. Aim for a goal that is substantially higher than what you are making now but within reach. Start with doubling your income first.


On your website, you’ll want to tell why you’re better than other agencies, and that’s really good, but you should also talk to them not only about your direct competition, but also about your indirect competition which is ways to solve the same problem with a different approach. For example, a) why working with .Com Marketing is better than another agency, b) why doing SEO monthly is better than not doing it & c) why working with .Com Marketing is better than doing it yourself. Keep in mind that your direct competitors are not the only ones competing with you.


If you are in the business of solving people’s problems, you’ll find they’ll be willing to pay just about anything in order to make the pain of whatever go away. If you are in the business of providing additional value to their already successful business, you’ll need to show how and why they need to pay you to ensure they don’t end up in pain. The Internet is changing at an exponential rate. It used to be ok to just have a website, an online brochure, but now millions of people (customers) are hanging out in places like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and consume content by the bucket loads.


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