New Clipping Mechanism With Implant System

While dental implants have been around for decades, recent advances in technology and treatment protocols have made treatment more convenient, more effective, and more affordable; making implants a treatment of choice for missing teeth.
In addition, your ClearChoice Dental Implant Center team includes specialists in all new technologies working together for the mutual purposes of better treatment and better patient care.
New implant technologies
Over the past decade, dental implant manufacturers have made major advances in the design and effectiveness of dental implants. New and advanced coating technologies help implants better integrate with the surrounding bone for greater stability and long-term endurance. New shape and thread designs help implants to be more easily inserted, and become more stable upon placement. And new component designs allow greater flexibility in implant placement to maximize use of existing bone. 
New 3D CAT Scanning technology
For decades, 2 dimensional dental x ray have been the standard imaging used by dental professionals for diagnosis and treatment planning for dental cases.
In the last few years, new 3D CAT Scanning technology has been developed for use in dental applications, providing dentists and oral surgeons an entirely new level of information that is extremely valuable in treatment planning complex dental cases, particularly those involving implants. The 3D CAT Scan provides detailed data such as the density of bone that can be used to computer-model implant treatment before it is performed. This results in greater precision in both the placement of the implants to avoid nerves and sinuses and the development and placement of the new teeth. 
The screwless dental implant system that connects implant and suprastructure with a novel clipping mechanism has been recognized with a major award: Its designer - Prof. Dr. Manfred Peters, head of Division 1, Mechanics and Acoustics at Germany's Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, the national metrology institute providing scientific and technical services - has won the Braunschweig Chamber of Commerce's 2005 Technology Transfer Prize. Heraeus Kulzer will launch the implant system under the "IQ:NECT" brand 2006 in Germany, with global roll-out until 2010. 
Fatigue of material and resulting effects such as loose or broken screws and unintended malformations are among the complications that affect about three percent of patients in Germany who were treated with one the approximately 100 different conventional implant systems. 
Among the causes are heightened mechanical tension which can be created by the interplay of multiple elements connected by screws in classical implant systems. 
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