Investigating Concerns About Dentists by GDC

The General Dental Council (GDC) has published its new learning outcomes for dental education with the aim of increasing patient protection and meeting current and future oral health needs.
The new learning outcomes – for all courses that lead to registration with the GDC – have been in development since 2009 and are designed, among other things, to:
• have a greater patient focus and put their interests and needs first;
• meet current and future oral health needs;
• cover the full range of skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to work in dental practice (i.e. clinical, professionalism, communication, and management and leadership);
• cover all registrant categories in one publication with a consistent approach;
• allow more flexibility for training providers.
The UK dental regulator, the General Dental Council (GDC), has appointed two legal firms, Capsticks and Mills & Reeve, to help it carry out its work in investigating concerns about dentists and other dental professionals. The GDC can take action where there are concerns that a dental professional's ability, behaviour or health may be making them unfit to practise. 
GDC Chief Executive and Registrar Duncan Rudkin said: 
"We put all the firms competing for some of our work through a challenging process to ensure that we get the best value for the GDC's money and the quality of legal services we need, in order to deliver an efficient and effective fitness to practise system. We look to Capsticks and Mills & Reeve to play their part in this important public protection work." 
The Head of Capsticks' Regulatory Group, John Witt, commented: 
"Consolidating our position as leaders in healthcare regulatory law is a key strategic objective for Capsticks and so we are delighted that the GDC has decided to reappoint us to its panel." 
Mills & Reeve partner, and head of the firm's healthcare regulatory team, Fiona Hawker said: 
"We are proud to have been selected to work with this prestigious and influential organisation. These are challenging times for all who are engaged in the business of regulating healthcare professionals and we look forward to supporting the GDC, working as part of their team." 
Alongside the appointment of new external suppliers our in-house legal team will provide additional support to the Council's fitness to practise function. 
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