Responsibilities of Dental Care Professionals

Patient safety is at the centre of our work. As a dental professional, we expect you to meet certain standards and expectations in order to get on and stay on our registers.
What it means to be a registered professional
If you work in the UK as a dentist, clinical dental technician, dental nurse, dental hygienist, dental technician, dental therapist or orthodontic therapist, you must be registered with us.
We expect you to:
Uphold and follow our standards and 
additional guidance such as Scope of Practice,
Pay your annual retention fees on time,
Maintain your continuing professional development (CPD),
Understand your professional indemnity responsibilities,
Keep your GDC registration details up-to-date,
Report breaches of standards (which could lead to fitness 
to practise cases), and
Keep up-to-date with the latest news.
The GDC has published guidance for dentists and dental care professionals in a position of management responsibility. It expands on the GDC Standards Guidance principle that you should 'put patients' interests before your own or those of any colleague, organisation or business'. (GDC = General Dental Council) 
Principles of management responsibility applies to dentists and dental care professionals who: 
- are directors of dental bodies corporate; 
- own or are responsible for running dental practices or dental laboratories
- have a role on the management structure of dental healthcare organisations or educational establishments; and
- have responsibility for conducting clinical trials. 
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