A Significant Rise In The Number of Adults Coming For Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is a Greek word that literally means ‘to straighten teeth’. It is a type of dental treatment that aims to improve the appearance, position and function of crooked or abnormally arranged teeth.
Orthodontics uses mechanical devices, such as a brace, over a certain period of time (usually 18 months to two years) to correct the position of the teeth.
Healthcare professionals who specialise in orthodontics are known as orthodontists. They usually work in dental surgeries or specialist hospital units.
Who needs orthodontics?
Sometimes, a child’s teeth and jaw do not develop in the normal way. The medical term for teeth that are out of position is malocclusion.
Some cases of malocclusion occur for no obvious reason. Other cases are the result of certain behaviours, such as frequent thumb sucking, or an injury to the teeth or bones of the face. Many cases of malocclusion do not pose serious health concerns. However, if malocclusion is not corrected during the teenage years, it may affect the appearance of the teeth and the shape of the face. This could cause psychological and emotional problems, such as lack of self-confidence, anxiety and depression.
A leading London cosmetic dentist has announced a significant rise in the number of adults coming for orthodontic treatment, with four out of five (78 per cent) of those actually having ditched treatment during their teenage years. Dr Anoop Maini of Aqua Dental Spa says many are committing to braces after not sticking with it in younger years, with speedy orthodontics such as Inman Aligner and the new Six Month Smiles™, being top of their wish lists. Dr Maini was one of the very first dentists in London to offer Six Month Smiles™ - and now 24-year-old Heidi North, 22-year-old Claire Gardiner and 26-year-old Ridhi Patel are all smiles. 
Heidi North ditched her retainer after fixed orthodontic treatment at the age of 13. She says: "I didn't stick with the retainer which I was supposed to wear to keep the new position of my teeth after fixed braces. They made me speak funny and I just didn't like them. I didn't think that ditching them would ruin the effect, but not only did my teeth go back to their original position, they actually looked worse! My front teeth were going inwards and overlapping. In my early twenties I thought about orthodontic treatment but many of the clinics I contacted would only give me a quote if I attended a costly consultation. I had to pay just to find out what the cost would be! I found Aqua's website, saw they offered lots of options and that the consultation was free, so decided to go and see them. Dr Maini was great, and recommended Six Month Smiles because they are white, discreet braces and can achieve results quickly. 
Student architect Claire Gardiner is delighted with her new smile. Her front canine teeth were out of line and this had always bothered her. She went for various consultations for traditional orthodontics, which can be lengthy and expensive. She then found Aqua and was delighted to learn of the shorter term options available. 
"I was in a position for the first time where the treatment was financially viable for me so I decided to go for it. I'd never heard of speedy orthodontics so was delighted as I was due to go to Australia in six months which was exactly the length of time for the treatment. The treatment actually took just under 6 months - I love the results. It was worth the money," she said. 
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