Handpiece Bearing Care

 1         Clean external surfaces of handpiece.

2         Insert bur into chuck.

3         Clean handpiece internally as follows.

Spray handpiece cleaner or cleaner/lubricant into drive air turbine for 1 to 2 seconds.

Operate handpiece within a paper towel or other cover to purge used lubricant and debris.

Repeat the spray/operation procedure until expelled fluid is absolutely clear.

Wipe external surfaces to remove expelled fluid.

            Operate handpiece for 3-5 seconds, repeating until all fluid has been expelled.


4         Sterilize handpiece according to manufacturer's instruction.

5         Cool handpiece to room temperature.

6         Apply two drops of lubricant into drive air tube.

7         Operate handpiece for 5 to 10 seconds within paper towel or other cover to purge excess lubricant.

8         Wipe external surfaces.

9         Handpiece is ready for use.

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