Tips For Choosing A Right Toothpaste

 There are various types of toothpaste available on the market. They come as pastes and gels, there are some that guard against tooth decay or protect teeth from acid attack, others that are designed for sensitive teeth. But which toothpastes clean well? Which preserve the tooth enamel? A new evaluation method sheds light on the subject. 

Toothpaste doesn't just polish teeth, like air polisher; it also removes the bacteria that cause dental plaque and bad breath. As dental plaque bacteria meet with food, they create an acid that attacks teeth and eventually causes tooth decay. A build-up of dental plaque bacteria can cause several other dental problems including gum disease. These microorganisms also produce volatile sulfur molecules which are a source of bad breath.
For those who are uncomfortable brushing with chemicals, natural toothpastes may be an option. These contain all-natural ingredients but have varied results. Some natural toothpastes may not contain fluoride, so you should check the label before buying the product.
Sodium fluoride is a white crystal that is used to keep the dental enamel hard. It reduces the ability of bacteria to produce acids and remineralizes the tooth surface already attacked by acid. It is a controversial inorganic substance that is also used in insecticides and wood preservatives and is actually not used in most countries. Understanding a little more about this additive might make you reconsider whether you want to put it in your mouth.
It is important to note that while effective in removing stains, some brands of whitening toothpastes can destroy tooth enamel in the process. Due to their harsh abrasives, these toothpastes, over time, may strip tooth enamel, making teeth appear yellow and causing teeth to become sensitive to cold or hot foods and liquids, sweets, baking soda, and highly salted foods.
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