What Is Necessary During Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is a dental treatment that repairs a severely damaged, decayed, inflamed and/or infected tooth. A general dentist may perform the procedure or you may be referred to a root canal specialist, called an endodontist. Root canal therapy can effectively save a tooth from extraction, but it can be a costly remedy.

One of the reasons a root canal treatment is considerably more expensive than a routine filling is it can require up to three visits to your dentist or endodontist.During your first appointment, an X-ray of your damaged tooth will be taken to determine the extent of damage.Once the decay is removed, a tiny opening is made in the tooth to gain access to the pulp chamber so the damaged pulp can be extracted. The root canal is then cleaned, medicated and prepared for a filling.
If the root canal requires several appointments, a temporary filling material is used to protect the tooth. Before the treated tooth is permanently filled, your dentist will make sure it is dry and free of infection.
The branch of dentistry that focuses on the root canal, the pulp or inner part of the tooth and the periapical tissue at the tip of a tooth's root, is called endodontics. The dental assistant role in root canal treatment is in restorative and surgical therapies.The dental assistant guide for root canal includes numerous diagnosing, treatment and follow-up procedures aimed at ensuring the dental health of the patient. Because of the complexity and intricacy of a root canal, a certified dental assistant plays a significant role in root canal treatment. The dental surgeon relies on the dental assistant throughout the entire procedure, particularly with instrument handling and sterilization.
The dental assistant guide for root canal dictates the responsibility of proper sterilization, cleanliness and disinfection to the dental assistant. It is the dental assistant who is responsible for asepsis practices that keep the treatment room free of bacteria, microorganisms and other contaminants that can cause illness to the patient and medical staff.
The dental assistant also educates the patient about the procedure, answers her concerns and ensures the patient's comfort during the treatment. But the most import is the patien should have right attitude on the treatment.

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