New Cognition Of Articulator

An dental articulator is a tool used in the denture lab to imitate the patient jaw line. The tool is used to mount the model dentures. Teeth are selected and the wax on the model dentures is heated so that the teeth are added to the wax. The articulator acts as a fake jaw while the technician works on adding the teeth in the correct position for jaw and bite based on information given by the dentist and patient.

An articulator as a "dental machine" that works as close as practical to the way the mouth works. Dental equipment taken with impressions and poured in dental stone are placed on the machine either for examination and diagnosis, or to construct dental appliances. Special records are taken to accurately position the dental models on the articulator. The facebow record is a measurement from the upper teeth to the joints. The centric relation or bite record is a measurement of where the teeth are positioned with the joints positioned correctly before the teeth actually come into contact. 
In the dental articulators industry it boils down to two things: Stability vs. Simplicity. Unsurprisingly, when given the choice, most dental technicians and dentists preferred stability over simplicity. Although this choice may seem trivial to most people, it is a delicate matter for dental technicians and their clients, the dentist.
Every dental technician has a preference when it comes to the kinds of materials they use in their process. However, most dental technicians choose their products by listening to what the dentist wants. If a dentist raves about one product, like a dental articulator, to his technician, then most likely the technician is going to consider using that product to keep the dentist as a loyal customer.
By going with disposable dental articulators that offer stability with simplicity, you not only save hours of time by cutting out several steps of traditional model making, you are also making it easy to send the case back to the dentists already mounted and articulated without worrying about retrieving the expensive metal articulators. If there is a fitment issue, the doctor can refer back to the model to determine where the problem stems from.
It does not matter if you select a stable or simple articulator, in the end it is all about providing the best products and services possible to your customers. Dentists want products that work for them and make their lives easier. Dental technicians should embrace this opportunity and continually drive to provide products that make lives easier for both the technicians and the dentists. Selecting the right dental articulators can mean a lot for a dental office and their patients. It can translate to more reliable crown fittings and fewer remakes, increasing office efficiency and decreasing potential patient wait time.

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