What Can You Do With Pulp Tester

Pulp testing helps dentists determine if the living tissue, or pulp, within a tooth is still vital. Some pulp testing methods require direct access to the tooth's surface, so teeth encased in full crowns can be more difficult to evaluate than exposed teeth. 

Dental pulp tester is a useful and essential diagnostic aid in endodontics. Pulp sensibility tests include thermal and electric tests, which extrapolate pulp health from sensory response. Whilst pulp sensibility tests are the most commonly used in clinical practice, they are not without limitations and shortcomings. Pulp vitality tests attempt to examine the presence of pulp blood flow, as this is viewed as a better measure of true health than sensibility. Laser Doppler flowmetry and pulse oximetry are examples of vitality tests. Whilst the prospect is promising, there are still many practical issues that need to be addressed before vitality tests can replace sensibility tests as the standard clinical pulp diagnostic test. With all pulp tests, the results need to be carefully interpreted and closely scrutinised as false results can lead to misdiagnosis which can then lead to incorrect, inappropriate, or unnecessary treatment.
Dental pulp tests are investigations that provide valuable diagnostic and treatment planning information to the dental clinician . If pathosis is present, pulp testing combined with information taken from the history, examination, and other investigations such as radiographs leads to the diagnosis of the underlying disease which can usually be reached relatively easily. 
If a dentist can find an area of exposed tooth at the crown margin, she can pulp-test a crowned tooth electronically. Some EPT devices have adapters with fine tips that allow contact with narrow areas of an exposed tooth. Cold pulp-testing does not require direct access to the tooth beneath the crown because the dental materials from which crowns are made conduct cold in a manner comparable to natural tooth enamel.

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