Everyone Can Be Treated With Dental Articulator Some Day

An articulator is a mechanical device of dental equipments to which casts of the maxillary (upper) and mandibular (lower) teeth are fixed, reproducing recorded positions of the mandible in relation to the maxilla. An articulator assists in the fabrication of removable prosthodontic appliances (dentures), fixed prosthodontic restorations (crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays) and orthodontic appliances.
A Hanau articulator is used by dentists, orthodontists, teachers and dental technicians to create accurate casts of a patient's teeth and key jaw measurements. These casts are then used to design and create custom-made crowns, bridges and splint fabrications. They're also used for presentations and as an aid for orthognathic surgery, a type of surgery to correct teeth and jaw disorders. You can easily adjust the Hanau articulator to mimic the anatomical function and movement of a patient's teeth and jaw without the need of plaster casts or expensive equipment.
In the dental articulators industry it boils down to two things: Stability vs. Simplicity. Unsurprisingly, when given the choice, most dental technicians and dentists preferred stability over simplicity. Although this choice may seem trivial to most people, it is a delicate matter for dental technicians and their clients, the dentist.
By going with disposable dental articulators that offer stability with simplicity, you not only save hours of time by cutting out several steps of traditional model making, you are also making it easy to send the case back to the dentists already mounted and articulated without worrying about retrieving the expensive metal articulators. If there is a fitment issue, the doctor can refer back to the model to determine where the problem stems from.
Adjustable dental articulators are necessary in a dental lab to fabricate prosthodontic and orthodontic restorations and appliances. One important aspect when purchasing an adjustable dental articulator is to make sure it is split-cast compatible. Some adjustable dental articulators are better for simple, uncomplicated restorations, while others are targeted toward more complex and demanding dental restorations. 

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