A Brief Introduction of Teeth Grinding

Many people have teeth grinding issues but don't have any idea until a dentist notices the evidence of it in how their teeth have been worn down. Most of us think that teeth grinding is merely annoying. Few people know that grinding your teeth can actually be caused by a medical condition.

Teeth grinding is a medical condition wherein one involuntarily clenches his or her teeth, usually while sleeping. Teeth grinding or Bruxism, is not merely an inclination. It can happen both when you're awake and while you sleep and it is usually a long term and often unconscious habit. Some of the more common symptoms of teeth grinding consist of: Grinding sounds at night which disturbs the sleep of nearby people.

While teeth grinding has quite a few causes, it is sometimes a result of using certain drugs, including common everyday ones such as caffeine and alcohol, prescription drugs such as antidepressants and illegal drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy. Some vitamin supplements have been known to cure teeth grinding. Magnesium, B5 and Calcium have been proven to calm down the central nervous system and reduce stress levels and that, in turn, can prevent teeth grinding.

There are many instances that an individual clenches his fist or teeth if he is very angry with someone or something. While you suffer from bruxism there are plenty of things that you can do to keep the symptoms from growing in severity. If you grind your teeth while you are sleeping, you might consider purchasing a mouth guard to keep your teeth apart.

Teeth grinding can also be brought on by poor sleeping habits and, if most of your grinding happens during your sleeping hours, this might be the cause of your issue. If you have any sleep disorders, this may be the cause of your teeth grinding.

Relaxing your jaw muscles before going to bed could help you not grind your teeth in your sleep. Use heat to relax your jaw muscles before going to sleep and you will be less likely to grind your teeth.

Having knew the causes of the teeth grinding, then you or your dentist could know how to get rid of that. Mostly, teeth grinding is something of life habits, your dentist would not remedy your teeth grinding via those dental equipment. So relax yourself before going to your dentist, they would advice you to build a good life style to stop teeth grinding.

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