Preparing Yourself for Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants are common ways to artificially replace the teeth you lost. Ask your dentist for more details if you are interested.

Dental implants could also last for a long time if they are taken good care of. Dental implant may be a great way to solve tooth issues. However, there are also the risks of implant failure if you are not prepared for the surgery. Here is how to prepare you for dental implant surgery.

Before you start your dental implant procedure, make sure first that you know the condition of your current dental and jawbone structures. It is important that you first evaluate thoroughly your mouth. Get an X-ray for your teeth, jawbone, and models of your mouth.

Soon after, inform your dentist about the findings of your complete dental exam. Tell the dentist also if you have any heart or vascular problems. There are certain medications that the dentist will prescribe to you depending in the findings of your medical exams before undergoing dental implant.

If you are a heavy smoker and drinker, then start minimizing it or better it quit those vices before doing any dental implants. People with vices like that usually have high risks for dental implant failures. If you are scheduled for dental implant, it is advisable to always avoid drinking or eating for 6 hours before the dental process.

Also, on the day of your dental surgery make sure that you wear loose clothing that you feel comfortable in when you are sedated.

Lastly, make sure that you already have an assistant whether if it is your family member or friend since you need someone to drive you home. Dental implant patients cannot drive for 12 to 24 hours after the surgery. This is not like an invisalign brace procedure in which you can easily drive after the brace installation.


New Victory® Elite V-DIM-I Dental Implant Motor

This new dental implant motor is the newest product of Victory. It is NSK like dental implant machine dental implant motor, which is also with LCD display, control panel and multifunctional foot switch. This offer great convenience and hygiene caused by hand touch.

Main Features:New Victory® Elite V-DIM-I Dental Implant Motor

1、Intuitive LCD display and control panel, which bring convenience to the operation;
2、Original imported brushless motor, which is characterized by great torque, low noise, non-vibrations as well as accuracy and can be sterilized by high temperature;
3、Alternative input supply voltage: AC100-110V or AC220-240V;
4、Multifunctional foot switch, which is not only handy to operate but also against cross-infection caused by the contact between hands and the device;
5、Adjustable rotation speed, torque, coolant flow and forward/reverse, which can meet various demands during implanting process;
6、Ten types of reduction control angles, which are able to be selected as you need for operations;
7、Ten kinds of program settings, each of which allows setting up different numerical values of rotation speed, torque, coolant flow, forward/reverse or reduction ratio for practical needs.
8、You could connect the contra angle of any ratio (For example 20:1) you need with our brushless motor.



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