Vacuum Forming Machine User Manual

Here is the Manuel for one of dental lab equipment, Vacuum Forming & Molding Machine


1. The Main Function

The products are mainly applied to plastic molding manufacture, safe and reliable diaphragm, hospitals, clinics, is necessary dental equipments. The machine will with stand years of rigorous use. 
a) Heavy-duty vacuum motor provides precise downward suction.
b) Power: 1000w
c) Weight: About 6kg.
2. Vacuum Forming Machine Instructions
1) First, both sides will be forming slice protective tear.
2) Then, the shaping pieces and place in molding clamping, lifting and heating. Will fix good model machines on the plate.
3) If the model is too high, in the model, the convenient take on the steel ring when diaphragm is caused by model pull liter damage
4) The machine will open outward heater heating switches, preheated. About 3 minutes.
5) The heater to preheating after turn head, waiting for molding slice shape piece prolepses (heat to sag) 1 centimeter or so. The deeper depression, maintain (will be more thin).
6) The bars will go down in shaping slice completely cover the model, close heating switches, open vacuum switch.
7) After switch button suction pump air time for 5 seconds. Remove diaphragm, heater cool down after it.
8) With scissors will spare trimming, or direct transport needle under the drain flange 3mm 2 ~ the grinding, dressing edge, retain gum margins under 0.5 mm.
9) Braces clip is completed, will put braces, again, check whether the model. So keep it made with TMJD, if feel edge is not closed, can use alcohol lamp baking, bent inwards, until closed.
3. Attention
When heated, the heater to head to prevent the diaphragm heating outward.
Please turn off the heat when vacuum switch, in order to prevent the diaphragm
Please put the vacuum forming on the bench in place, prevent caused by uneven workbench the diaphragm is uneven.
Please keep the working environment clean and tidy, this equipment is mandatory absorb, shall ensure that the bottom and prevent dirt and ventilation equipment, entering the internal equipment can not work normally.
We can offer many Manuels for our dental instruments, welcome to ask for it.


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