Will Teeth Cleanings Wear Teeth?

Some people think that scaling will damage the teeth, in fact, this understanding is wrong. For this reason, experts recommend that people should do the teeth cleaning regularly by ultrasonic scaler in dental clinic or hospital.

Misunderstanding One: Tooth cleaning can increase the gap between tooth, and damage tooth.

People who hold this view, don’t understand the principles and purposes of scaling. Currently, regular dental cleanings hospitals and clinics use ultrasonic high frequency oscillation like ultrasonic scaler to remove the tartar and calcification of the tooth surface dirt. It can avoid further stimulating the gums, bleeding, afraiding of acid, sweet, sensitive to heat, cold, etc., which leads to the inflammation of gums. This way of tooth cleaning is no wear on the teeth and injuries. As the teeth gap problem, which is already here, but a long time without cleaning the teeth, so the tartar blocks the tooth gap.



Misunderstanding One: It is expensive and afflictive to clean tooth. So it is unnecessary.

Experts say that, under normal circumstances, every six months or a year, we should clean our teeth by dental equipment. For smokers, the best time to clean three months or so. Regular cleanings, not only to clean the teeth, the doctor may also do a dental check-up at the same time as the scaling who facilitate the timely detection of problems and timely treatment. The first time for scaling, because of much tartar, there may be some discomfort, but as long persevering, and keeping the mouth clean, it'll be better for next time scaling.

In addition, experts remind that tooth cleaning should includes four steps. They are removing tartar, sandblasting, removing pigment and polishing. If there is lack of one of the four steps, it will not reach the purpose of tooth cleaning. And once finding the tooth problem by tooth cleaning, we should receive the particular dental treatment by dental instruments, such as dental handpiece and so on.

First time to find the problem, and first time to cure it.

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