Something about Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth or two as a child is no big deal. In fact, many kids have even experienced pulling their own lose tooth. Imagine losing an important part of your oral cavity that provides you functions in speaking and eating. Nobody want to do, right?

Nobody wants to lose their teeth. Teeth are used to masticate food and control air flow during speaking. However, it becomes a problem when an adult lose a tooth. A medical term for being toothless is called Edentulism. Tooth loss does not only cause you to have noticeable gaps between your teeth. It can also cause serious complications when left untreated.

There are instances when teeth don’t produce adequate substances such as fluoride, which protects teeth from caries or tooth decay. This makes teeth vulnerable to tooth decay. Another cause for tooth loss is improper oral hygiene. This is the most common reason why people lose their teeth. People must observe proper dental healthcare and hygiene at all times.

Because of the innovation in dentistry these days, people do not need to worry about tooth loss. Many dentists and dental technicians can provide better solutions to restore people’s teeth and help them function normally.

DDentures are known as removable replacements for missing teeth. They should be made by professional dental technician and dental equipment. Dentures are for people with two or more missing teeth. Dental bridges is suitable for patients only have one or two missing teeth, dental bridges are recommended by the cosmetic dentist Los Angeles has accredited. A dental bridge is a false tooth attached to two crowns. Dental implants are also good choices for tooth replacement. They are made by a dental technician and installed by a cosmetic dentist Los Angeles has certified.

The functionality of the teeth is very important for us humans. They are necessary for cutting, grinding, and chewing food. It supports the cheeks, lips which provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, as much as other people don’t want to experience tooth extraction, they could cure tooth loss via the methods we mentioned above.

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