Something You Should Know of Dental Filling Treatment

Tooth decay is common problem among individuals. Random eating habits, bad oral practice, or impure water can cause the teeth to decay gradually.

A dental filling (tooth filling) is the restorative process to repair tooth cavities or other damage to the tooth surface. After removing decayed tooth material, the remaining cavity is filled with restorative materials like gold, silver amalgam, porcelain, plastic or glass composite materials.

If you are able to trace it in the initial stage, make it a point to call a Bay Area Dentist and fix an appointment to get a check-up before it gets worse. After examining your teeth, the Bay Area dentist will be able to suggest you if any of your teeth have decayed and needs correction through dental fillings procedure.

A dental fillings procedure involves the process of removing decay from the teeth and filling the space with some material to give strength back to the tooth. Before actually filling the tooth, doctors must first remove the decay from the tooth with help of various blurs. Once the tooth cavity is decay free, fillings are accordingly made. Depending on the decay intensity and tooth conditions temporary or permanent fillings are made.

Proper observation of the teeth is very crucial to determine the filling needed. Normally decaying symptoms are visible in form of some discolored spots on the teeth. Most dentists use cavity detecting dye, which leaves behind stains on the decayed areas. Dental X-Rays is the best way to determine the decayed areas and if they need any filling. X-Ray also helps to find the exact locations where fillings are to be made.

Depending on what your best option is, your dentist may be able to complete your filling immediately. You can choose tooth-colored fillings to match the color of your teeth, making them a natural-looking alternative to amalgam fillings. Silver fillings on the other hand, are less expensive than gold materials and they can be quite resistant to wear.

One has to replace the fillings over the time. Never be careless in these matters as the tooth may get damaged. Ask your dentist for help may help you to get a better dental filling.

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