You would Get Infection from Your Dental Device

A latest dental research declare that dental equipment like toothbrushes, dentures, dental floss, and athletic mouthguards may infect your oral health if they are not carefully cleaned.

Glass presented research today at the annual meeting of the American Dental Association in Orlando, Fla., on how various infections may result from proper oral hygiene and recommended dental protection -- and ways to lower risk. In his research, he notes that scores of different bugs can survive on dental devices.

The action of brushing your teeth, especially with an electric toothbrush, actually pushes these organisms beneath the skin in your mouth. Since many of these germs got on these devices because they were already in your mouth, they may not cause new disease unless shared with others. But he says they play a role in recurring illness.

For those with dentures, a dentist suggests a solution of equal parts of bleach, dishwashing liquid, and water. Soak dentures in that solution for two hours, then soak dentures for another hour in another solution of equal parts of water and vinegar.

If you or your child plays contact sports, replace athletic mouthguards once a week. "What we're now finding is that organisms that can trigger asthmatic attacks live on these mouthguards," he says.

Clear brush heads and bristles are less conducive for organism life and growth than those that are darker. If your brush allows light to be transmitted through, you're ahead of the game.

Football players may be especially susceptible to infection. "Often, the mouthguard hangs from the helmet, and helmets may sit in a locker, next to moldy shoes or other environments for germs."

After several studies with large groups of patients, in which we looked at their disease processes and then examined their toothbrush or dentures. Low and behold, the same organisms producing the disease are found on these devices.

In order to build a good oral health, using dental devices regularly is important for that issue. But meantime, you should take a eye on the cleanrance of that. Cleaning those dental instruments timely would keep you away from the dental device infection.


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