Something You Should Know of Tooth Erosion

One of the many reasons why we suffer from many and different complaints and sicknesses like heart, stomach and so on troubles, is the presence of a mouth disease. Tooth erosion is wearing off of the enamel caused by the acidic action. Enamel is the hardest substance in our body that is covering and protecting the outside of the teeth. There is a wide variety of symptoms ranging from mild to severe.

The enamel protects our teeth from being damaged by acids coming from the food we eat and drink. Just like in wars, defenses eventually weaken because of constant attacks. Once the acids break through the enamel, tooth erosion happens. The reasons about this circumstances are many, but the main ones are related with inappropriate hygiene, bad food and drinks, and not observing the rules for healthy mouth. To be frank, we can breakdown quite easy if we get a cold. The first symptom manifests in the form of teeth discoloration. In the process of tooth erosion, the substance known as dentin starts to expose and the more it is exposed with erosion the more the discoloration occurs.

Tooth sensitivity is another symptom that occurs during the early stages. The enamel when wears off, exposes dentin resulting in increased tooth sensitivity. Many people won’t think of this illness as something hazardous but the real truth is that this can be even more dangerous than any other one. I maintain that because this disease cannot be seen or measured whatever you do. Indeed, the only way is the sensitivity which you will have after you are damaged by the tooth erosion. But this will be late as well as unsure.

To support the tooth enamel, our saliva produces calcium that strengthens the teeth. But the presence of acids in the mouth can make mineralization of the teeth impossible. Experts believe that minimizing the consumption of acidic beverages can prevent tooth erosion from occurring. If things get worse and tooth erosion can’t be prevented, Part of the treatment would include reducing the causes of tooth erosion with proper diet and medications.

In most of the cases the tooth erosion is caused by eating of acidic nourishments. What is more the same situation is possible when you drink acidic beverages. The fizzy drinks, which are used in huge quantities, can erode your enamel as well. If you have consumed acidic foods, wait for about an hour or so before you brush your teeth. This time gap allows remineralization of the teeth.

Another tip that can be really helpful to you would be to use straw while drinking carbonated beverages. This prevents the beverage washing the teeth and the beverage is lead to the back of the throat.

Do not use a hard bristle brush but rather use soft bristles, which will prevent any gum bleeds. You can also use toothpastes that have fluorides in them, as it helps decrease tooth sensitivity. However, patients are most likely required to endure tooth enamel restoration procedures via dental instruments by visiting their dentist..


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