Ways to Get a Good Dental Replacement

Teeth replacement methods can be very helpful in improving the facial appearance of a person. There are several types of teeth replacement methods, depending on the types of tooth damage, such as dental implants and fixed bridge.

One of the major problems that can initiate the need to turn to a cosmetic dentist is tooth loss. Age issues, tooth damage, severe malnutrition or genetic disorders often lead to severe teeth loss. A lot of us believe dental implants are new discoveries. The brilliance of dental implants began as early as the time of the Phoenicians, who have been planting seashells in their jaw bones to replace missing teeth.

The dental implant is a tiny metal fixture that may have different shapes and forms, he says. The procedure chiefly involves special drills to create small holes into the bone of the jaw where the titanium fixtures will be placed later on. There is a provided period of three to four months for the implant to remain settled under the gums. The implant is generally attached to the underlying bone in the mouth and not with any surrounding tooth, so there are lesser chances of any subsequent dental problems.

New dentures are prepared for the common patient. But a patient considering implants usually should start with implants, and then proceed with new dentures constructed with implants in mind. A fixed bridge is another option for tooth replacement. It offers permanent tooth restoration. The technique involves drilling of the enamel of an adjacent tooth to take impressions and to build a permanent bridge at the location where the tooth is missing.

A dental bridge, also known as a fixed partial denture, is a device that attaches artificial teeth to adjacent natural teeth in order to fill the gap where teeth are absent. Bridges can either be fixed, which means that they are permanently attached, or removable. Fixed bridges are applied by either placing crowns on the surrounding teeth for bonding, or by bonding the artificial teeth directly to the adjacent teeth. Removable bridges

A missing tooth can end up causing you a world of trouble. In this world full of people who are conscious about the way they look to the others, teeth replacement methods are very helpful.

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