The First International Dental Conference at New York

NEW YORK CITY: Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine will host the First International Conference on Dental and Craniofacial Stem Cells (ICDCSC). The event will take place April 27 to 29. This will be the first ever assembly of the world’s most prominent scientists in the field of dental and craniofacial stem cells.

More than 300 internationally renowned scientists and leaders in the field will come together to encourage cross-disciplinary alliance and foster a collegial atmosphere to catalyze the advancement of dental and craniofacial stem cell research. The conference will be led by Dr. Jeremy Mao of Columbia University, Dr. Darvin Prockop of Texas A&M Medical Center, and Dr. Pamela Robey and Dr. Nadya Lumelsky of the NIDCR.

“The discovery of stem cells derived from dental pulp has generated enormous enthusiasm and momentum for stem cell research as these stem cells can be harvested noninvasively and have great plasticity and efficacy,” Mao said. “We are very excited to bring together the leading scientists and researchers from around the world to share and further their knowledge on dental and craniofacial stem cells to propel breakthroughs in stem cell research and forever change medicine.”

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